Electrical, CATV, Commercial, L.A.U.S.D., Power Utilities,

Residential, Solar, Telecommunications and Telephone.


  • ADAPTERS: Square to Round or any special transition required.
  • BORE SPACERS: Ordered special per job.
  • BRIDGE HANGERS: Ordered special per job.
  • CONDUITS: Corrugated Riser, DB100, DB120, EMT, Fiberglass, Galvanized, Galvanized PVC
    Coated, HDPE, Gas Pipe, Plenum Corrugated Riser, PVC40, PVC80, Steel Pipe and Water
  • CONDUIT SPACERS: For all local Power Utilities.
  • GLUE: Clear, Grey, Primer and Hot Glue. Empty Quarts, Empty Gallons and Brushes or
  • GROUNDING: Clamps, Exothermic Molds and Metal Weld Powder, Ground Rods (Copper
    and Stainless Steel), Staples, Wire and Wood Molding.
  • PLUGS: Expandable Duct Plugs, Poly Plugs, Quadplex Plugs and Simplex Plugs.
  • PRECAST: Manholes and Pull boxes. For Power, Schools and Transportation.
  • PULL BOXES: Concrete Traffic and Non Traffic, Fiberglass, Plastic and Polymer Concrete and
    Transformer Pads.
  • PULL TAPE: 1250#, 1800# and 2500#. Both regular and detectable options.
  • ROPE: Polypropylene 3/16”, 1/4” and 3/8”.
  • SWEEPS: DB100, DB120, EMT, Fiberglass, Galvanized, Galvanized PVC Coated, PVC40 and
  • TOOLS: Cable Pulling, Duct Rodding, Fiber Blowing, Gloves, Hand Saws, Mandrels,
    Projectiles, Shovels and Wire Brushes.
  • VENTING: SDR35 Pipe, Sweeps and Vent Stand Pipe Kits. Galvanized Vent Stand Pipe Kit.
  • WYES: Solid, Split or Snap-On Style.